State Program Funding:
Maryland, Massachusetts and Mississippi
All threes states use the Medicaid rehab option to pay for services related to community living, psych rehab programs, symptom management, and counseling and ACT.

Expert Recommendations:
Massachusetts Study
There has to be better use in maximizing the rehab option in Medicaid to provide youth services. The rehab option used in Medicaid has helped in funding recovery oriented services for adults with psychiatric disabilities including the acquisition of skills essential for everyday functioning. The Massachusetts report recommends that there be better use of the rehab option to pay for services for youth in transition.

Oregon Study
Eligibility criteria for Medicaid needs to be modified to provide assistance to young adults who are involved in active transition.

The Coalition of Behavioral Health Agencies, Inc.’s Report
OMH and DOMH should develop and integrate youth peer positions into Home and Community-Based Waiver Service Programs. Resources must be provided to integrate supported education and literacy services into clubhouses, adult supported employment and pending PROS programs.