An essential part of the process for identifying who may potentially be a candidate for comprehensive services is recent work on screening and assessment process for younger children as well as middle school and high school students.

Early identification for youth with psychiatric disabilities becomes an essential part of any transition planning. For younger children and youth, the NYS Office of Mental Health’s Child and Family Clinic Plus Program has been a very important tool. Another model has been the Teen Screen Program serving older youth in high school and middle school ready to transition to adult care.

Existing Programs:
Nationwide (43 States)
Teen Screen Nationwide — The Teen Screen Program is run out of Columbia University. It creates a brief screening tool for youth that can be administered in schools, foster care settings, after school programs and juvenile justice facilities. Once a child is screened, they can be assessed for further service needs. (Teen Screen Annual Report – 2006-07)

Expert Recommendations:
GAO Report
Programs should have screens for mental health.

Maine White Paper
Transportation, transition and other barriers should be addressed consistently in each youth’s plan. Involve the school with a plan for re-entry when a student has been out due to mental health issues.