A Peer Mentorship System should be established.

Expert Recommendations:
Clinical Psychiatric News
Dialectical Behavior Treatment (DBT) has shown promise for youth who transition from state-run children services to state-run adult services. The report was based on 15 participants from the Connecticut Transition Program.

NIMH Study
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has proven very effective in the recovery of youth with SED. NIMH is funding a study in Mass that will help 18-24 year olds with bipolar disorder transition effectively.

Medical Review of YIT Records: Maryland is doing a pilot project of 11,000 18-26 year-olds with mental illness. As part of the project, an assessment of their use of primary care, mental health services and medication is being conducted. The pilot provides information on how young adults use mental health care and also looks at the role of primary care doctors during transition between youth and adulthood.

New York State Children’s Plan
Mental health screening is needed for youth in child welfare, juvenile justice, mental health and developmental disabilities to identify at risk children and families, to identify at-risk children.