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New York State Coalition of Children’s Behavioral Health Services
Advisory Group Members 16-25 Youth-in-Transition Grant

Representatives from the following organizations served on the Advisory Group:

Association for Community Living

Families Together in NYS, Inc.

Jewish Board of Family and Children Services

Jewish Childcare Association

Mental Health Association in NYS

NYS Association of Counties

NYS Coalition for Children’s Behavioral Health

NYS Conference of Local Mental Hygiene Directors

NYS Office of Children and Family Services

NYS Office of Mental Health

NYS Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities

Parent Representatives

Schuyler Center for Analysis and Advocacy

The Center for Rehabilitation and Recovery

The Children’s Village

The Coalition of Behavioral Health Agencies, Inc.

Westchester County Department of Children’s MH Services

Youth Power!

Youth Representatives

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Table of Contents

Overview of Literature Search
Best Practices

I)      Access and Linkages
A. Cross Systems Approach
B. Care Coordination
C. Family Links
D. Workforce

II)     Population
A. Eligibility
B. Diverse Populations Involved with Youth in Transition
C. Schools (Screenings and Assessments)

III)   Services
         A. Overarching Service Needs
B. Employment
C. Education Services
D. Self-Determination and Empowerment
E. Youth Mentors
F. Clinical Services
G. Individualized and Person Centered Planning
H. Cultural Competence
I. Adult Skills Training

IV)   Financing
A. Overarching Funding including Blended Models
B. Youth Oriented Services
C. Employment and Education
             (Subset of Youth-Oriented Services)
D. Clinical Services

V)     Housing
A. Various Housing Options for Youth in Transition
B. YIT Services Linked to Housing
C. Housing Model Funding

VI)   Transition to Independence Process System (TIP)
        (Emerging Best Practice)



Literature Search: End Notes

Advisory Group Members